About Us

Seniors Money has a wealth of experience in providing lifetime mortgages to over 30,000 seniors in Ireland and other countries around the world over many years. Since 2004 Seniors Money has provided lifetime mortgages in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Spain and Canada. No other equity release provider anywhere in the world has operated in as many markets as Seniors Money, making us truly a world-leading expert in this regard.

Our proudest achievement is the high levels of customer satisfaction achieved by every business we have operated, which is a testament to the focus we have always placed on striving to provide lifetime mortgages in a very transparent way and to the highest standards of consumer protection.

Over the years the Australian, New Zealand and Canadian businesses and loan books have been acquired by local financial institutions who proceeded to build on the solid foundations put in place by Seniors Money.

Today Seniors Money has loan books in Ireland and Spain. The Irish business, Seniors Money Mortgages (Ireland) DAC, is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland as a Retail Credit Firm and continues to be managed by the same team that founded the Irish, Spanish and Canadian businesses and managed the international group from 2008.

Seniors Money is not currently lending to new customers, but we intend to resume doing so as soon as economic conditions allow.