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The Seniors Money Lifetime Loan is provided by Seniors Money (Mortgages) Ireland DAC and arranged by its mortgage intermediary Seniors Money Ireland Limited.  Both trade as Seniors Money and are 100% subsidiaries of Seniors Money International.

Regulation and Legislation

Seniors Money is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and is fully compliant with all legislation and regulation governing the way it conducts its business.

Seniors Money (Mortgages) Ireland DAC is regulated as a retail credit firm under Section 31 of the Central Bank Act, 1997, as amended.

Seniors Money's advertising and marketing material is fully compliant with the provisions of the Consumer Credit Act 1995 and meets the requirements of both the Central Bank of Ireland and the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland.

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If you have any queries please
give us a call:
LoCall 1890 73 64 67
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Seniors Money Ireland Ltd
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