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"Dear Sir, Received your questionnaire yesterday and I am not filling up your form for the reason that I would be assuming very satisfied to at least 95% of the questions. I found Donal Morrissey a great help. You have a wonderful staff. I phoned many times and I found it a pleasure to talk to them. I was for twelve months thinking about this. I dealt with another company but I was not happy with their product. They were very pressuring – after being told three months ago they are even still contacting me. The only people I asked for help were my brother and a friend who is a retired bank manager and an accountant. I think that is very important for people to study themselves all your literature. I did that. I believe the most important thing about your product is privacy. I found out a lot about your product from an ad on TV. Thanking you again, I remain yours sincerely "
(This customer would like to remain anonymous)


"At a time when most financial institutions were concerned only with calling in or refusing loans, Seniors Money could not have been more friendly and helpful in meeting my requirements. Their representative, Declan Dempsey, was clear concise and made me feel like a valued applicant. To him and to Seniors Money – a heartfelt thanks for my wife & I."
T.C., Dublin


"Seniors Money allowed me build a house in the country and at the same time allowed me to live in my current home. This will allow me in the future to downsize my main residence and spend more time in my country home, and also pay off Seniors Money."
W&A Mooney, Dublin


"I was thrilled with Seniors Money. We got the rooms re-carpeted and also looked after the family at Christmas, it was a great help to them. We hope to go on holiday sometime this year. Thank you so much"
C&P Maloney, Kildare


"At 68 years of age I genuinely believed my life would not change a whole lot more and that my financial situation was one which I would have to “make do” with over the coming years. I was beginning to find managing my personal finances somewhat of a struggle and relying on only my pension, I found that by the time I had finished paying for my bits and bobs before leaving the post-office, it was barely worth coming home with the amount I had left! I am fortunate enough to own my own home, but I really had no idea as to how I could make this work for me. I had heard about these equity release schemes but I knew very little about them at the time. My initial reaction was to get as much information as possible before I considered releasing the equity in my home. I would say to anyone out there considering this option that doing your homework is so so important – before I looked into these schemes properly I actually thought that Seniors Money bought a share of your home and this was something I definitely did not want to happen. As it turns out, taking a Seniors Money Lifetime Loan allows you to retain full ownership of your home. Another very important consideration for me was that with the Seniors Money Lifetime Loan you can choose to repay some or all of the loan at any time without penalty. In addition, some of the other schemes out there I found to be of very poor value for money indeed. When I read up on the Seniors Money Lifetime Loan I was encouraged about how up-front they were with all the information provided – there are absolutely no hidden costs. I then met with Lisa Gaffney, the Seniors Money consultant for my area. Lisa called to my house and was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Her explanation of the ins and outs of the Seniors Money Lifetime Loan was excellent. I was reassured by Lisa’s approach with me – she was patient and after our meeting she left me to consider my options and did not push me into making a decision. When making a big decision like this it is really important that the people you deal with are understanding and considerate. I also took independent legal advice – this is a requirement by Seniors Money. It is so important to have the legal details of the Lifetime Loan explained to you by a professional. That way you understand in full what is entailed in taking out the loan. In the end I decided that the Seniors Money Lifetime Loan was the way to go – and I have to say I haven’t looked back since. The Lifetime Loan route may not suit everyone and from my perspective it was hugely important for me to talk it over with my family before I made any decisions. Once I had spoken to my family, who were very supportive, I was ready to go ahead & apply. The proceeds from the loan have afforded me the opportunity to do things which I would never have been able to do prior to taking the Lifetime Loan. I have since been to visit my brother in America which was an amazing experience and have also reinvested some of the cash back into my home to make some much-needed home improvements. Since taking my initial lump sum I have also taken what is called an “Express Top Up” – which is basically, a little bit of extra cash that I used to pay off bills etc. so I now no longer have the stress of facing those monthly reminders! All in all I am just so thankful that the Seniors Money Lifetime Loan option was available to me – it really has changed my life! "
M. Gorman, Dublin


"I honestly do not know where I would be without the Seniors Money Lifetime Loan. I was going through some financial difficulty some months back – I had lost my job and was very nearly going to lose my home. The Seniors Money Lifetime Loan gave me the lifeline I needed and has changed my life completely. The people in Seniors Money were an absolute pleasure to deal with and were extremely considerate during what was a very difficult time for me. Since receiving the proceeds of my loan I have cleared all my debts, taken a much-needed holiday and I have even been able to treat my grandchildren and this provided me with so much joy."
M.B. Wexford


"My wife had been very ill for some time and this necessitated me retiring early from a well paid job. The Seniors Money arrangement allowed us to clear our mortgage and pay off our other debts. This provided us with great peace of mind and helped greatly with my wife’s wellbeing. The extra money has been a great bonus to our pension. We found the team at Seniors Money to be very efficient and easy to do business with. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to friends"
J.S. Dublin


"I bought my house in 1994 and lived very happily with the décor that came with it for many years. However, I always wished to brighten it up in some way. Now, thanks to Seniors Money, it is re-carpeted, re-painted and a beautiful little sunroom and patio have been added. I find the attitude of Seniors Money very good – professional, straight forward and upfront. Thanks to the service they have made available to my age group, I have more brightness and light in my life"
G.F. Tralee


"I am absolutely thrilled with the service provided to me by Seniors Money. I received a significant amount of money, some of which I used to make structural improvements to my home. However, the majority of the drawdown allowed me to assist my sons in a business project they had begun. I am happy to report that, due to the extra injection of capital from my Seniors Money Lifetime Loan, which allowed my sons to hire more employees; their business endeavour has been a huge success and is now booming"
G.H. Dublin


"I was delighted with the money I received from my Seniors Money Lifetime Loan and I definitely put the proceeds to good use. I spent the majority on some much needed home improvements and was delighted to hear that they will most likely increase the value of my home – so it’s a win-win situation. I took my first lump sum last year – as advised by the Seniors Money staff I only took what I needed at the time so this year I decided to avail of the Express Top Up facility to go on a trip abroad. Seniors Money has given a financial freedom that I have never experienced before – and I am thoroughly enjoying it!"
K.B. Wexford


"I found Seniors Money to be up-front with no hidden costs. I went to a few other companies whose terms & conditions were bad to say the least. With Seniors Money Lifetime Loan I have done up my home the way I want it, I have been on a holiday, I have paid all my bills and have even given my family some money. The staff at Seniors Money are really lovely and I have told many of my family and friends about my very positive experience with your company"
M.G. Dublin


"Just a few lines to tell you how our lives have changed since dealing with Seniors Money. Firstly, we carried out home improvements that have enhanced our security against burglars etc., which gives us great peace of mind. Next, we helped out our children and bought a new car. Then, we paid off the remainder of our mortgage, credits cards etc. Now we can live comfortably on my pension and enjoy holidays without going into debt. I must congratulate you on your lovely and professional manner of dealing with your customers"
J. F. Tipperary


"I feel I must write these few lines to say a huge thank you to Seniors Money for giving me a completely new lifestyle. I would highly recommend them to anyone with financial worries. It worked for me and I promise it will work for you too."
J.M. Wexford


"Ever since I was a child I have had a yearning to travel to Australia and New Zealand and explore the natural wonders of the outback, however for many years it was a case of 'dream on'. A few months ago, I received an invitation from Seniors Money to one of their Free Information Meetings. The concept was clearly explained - no side stepping. A projection was shown; estimating how much would eventually be owed against possible variations of house-value when the house would be sold. I took up the offer to have their area manager/representative visit me at home to discuss it all further. I can't stress strongly enough how essential it is to read all the small print, get advice from people who know their way round the financial and legal world, and not to rush in.
Overall, this lifetime mortgage scheme provided the answer so I went ahead with the application.
A few of the details that meant the most to me:

  • The flexibility that takes account of individual needs in terms of the way you can drawdown the money: lump sum, Quarterly Drawdown Option, combination of lump sum and quarterly drawdown option.
  • You are not required to make any regular repayments on the loan but you can choose to repay the interest as you go along, if you wish, and you can repay the loan itself at any time and there are no penalties for doing this.
  • You can apply for the maximum amount calculated on your age and the value of your house, but only draw down what you need at the time (so interest is accruing only on the amount drawn down).
  • You continue to own your own house. Seniors Money doesn't purchase a share of your house.
  • There are limits on the amount you can borrow, the percentage rising with the years, but with a ceiling of 45% of the value of your house (this way, if housing prices don't go through the floor and I don't live to 110, I should still have plenty left at the end).

So I'm off to Australia and New Zealand later this year on my once-in-a-life-time dream that I never thought would see the light of day!"
M. Larminie, Galway


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