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Please note that Seniors Money Ireland is not currently accepting new applications. However if you wish to be placed on our waiting list please contact us at 1890 73 64 67 or .

Some Questions Answered

How much can I borrow?

This depends on your age and the value of your house (see table). For exmaple you can borrow up to 15% of the value of your house if you are aged 60 at the date the loan commences, 16% if are aged 61, and so on. There is an overall maximum loan limit of €200,000 irrespective of age or property value.


Age Loan Limit* Age Loan Limit* Age Loan Limit* Age Loan Limit*
60 15% 70 25% 80 35% 90 45%
61 16% 71 26% 81 36% 91 45%
62 17% 72 27% 82 37% 92 45%
63 18% 73 28% 83 38% 93 45%
64 19% 74 29% 84 39% 94 45%
65 20% 75 30% 85 40% 95 45%
66 21% 76 31% 86 41% 96 45%
67 22% 77 32% 87 42% 97 45%
68 23% 78 33% 88 43% 98 45%
69 24% 79 34% 89 44% 99 45%

*If there are two borrowers the age of the younger borrower is used to determine the Loan Limit.


How much will I be able to leave my family?

This will depend on how much you decide to borrow, interest rates, house price inflation and how long the loan is in force. Use our online calculator to run your own illustrations.

Do I need to get my house valued?

Yes, a valuation by an independent registered valuer will be required. We will appoint a valuer when we receive your application. They will inspect your house before we proceed with your application.

What costs are involved?

A Set-Up Fee of �1,500 applies to all loans. This fee covers the costs incurred by Seniors Money in arranging your loan, including the cost of the property valuation and a contribution of �140 for your independent legal advice.

An Express Top Up fee of €150 applies to each subsequent drawdown where you have not borrowed up to your currently approved limit.

A full summary of the costs involved can be found in our Seniors Money Lifetime Loan Fact Sheet.

Do I continue to own my property?

Yes, you still have full ownership of your property and can continue to live in it for as long as you wish.

Do I need to make repayments?

No. This type of loan is designed to last for the rest of your life. Whilst you are free to make an earlier repayment or repayments, the full repayment is only required on death, should you go into permanent long-term care or sell your house.

What is your policy for setting and changing your variable interest rate?

For details on the factors we take into account when setting or changing our variable interest rates, please see our Variable Rate Policy Statement.

What happens to my house when I die or move to permanent long-term care?

The loan becomes repayable 12 months after you die or permanently cease to reside in the house.  You or your estate are not obliged to sell the house if there is an alternative available to repay the loan.  However if no other arrangements have been made to repay the loan your house would have to be sold to repay the loan out of the proceeds.  The balance of the sales proceeds belongs to your estate.

Can I borrow more later if I need it?

Applications for further borrowing via the Express Top Up facility are allowed at any time. Any further lending remains subject to approval and availability of funds at that future date.

What will happen if the value of my property falls?

Our "No Negative Equity" Promise ensures that neither you nor your beneficiaries will ever have to repay more than the net sales proceeds of your property provided all loan conditions are met - even if the loan balance (including accrued interest and charges) exceeds the net sales proceeds.

Can I move if I want to?

Yes, you are able to move house at any time and your loan can be transferred to your new house, provided it meets our lending criteria. If you are contemplating a move you must contact us first as it may require some of your loan to be repaid to remain within lending limits.

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