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The Seniors Money Lifetime Loan Calculator

Use the Seniors Money Lifetime Loan calculator to determine how much you could receive from our Seniors Money Lifetime Loan.

Step 1

Welcome to the Seniors Money Lifetime Loan Calculator which has been designed to enable you to run your own illustrations.

Once you have entered your age(s) and the estimated value of your home, the calculator will show the maximum amount that you can borrow.

We will also provide you with an estimate of your property value, the loan value and the amount of capital remaining for you or your beneficiaries at various ages.

Work your way through each of the steps:

Your details
Is there a second borrower? Yes No
Loan details
Estimated value of your property:
* Assumed Property growth rate: (% p.a)
* Assumed interest rate: (% p.a)
* Assumed Property growth rate
Your property value may increase over time. Please enter the assumed property growth rate you would like to use for this illustration. (The default property growth rate is 2% per annum.)
* Assumed interest rate
The default rate in the calculator is 4.9% per annum (5.13% APR), which is representative of current rates. You can enter different interest rates in the calculator to see their effect on the results.


  • Interest on the loan and fees is calculated daily at the rate entered above and compounded monthly
  • The estimated property value is based on the estimated value of the property and the rate of growth entered above
  • The equity remaining is based on the estimated property value, less the accumulated loan balance. It does not allow for any costs that may be incurred upon sale of the property

It is important to note that this Seniors Money Lifetime Loan calculator is for illustrative purposes only. It does not guarantee any future equity in your home.

Property values may not increase over the term of the mortgage, and could even fall.

In the event where the amount of equity remaining is shown as zero, our "No Negative Equity" Promise ensures that you will never have to repay more than the net sale proceeds of your property.

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